Lost Sols Club

L◎ST S◎LS CLUB is a limited collection of 3,512 unique hand-drawn NFTs with hand-painted backgrounds (a first on the Solana blockchain).

Over 140 unique attributes, a percentage of royalties always used to buy up the floor, an epic lore video, extensive roadmap, weekly airdrops, FREE staking rewards, a doxxed team, and more…

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September, 2021

Idea for LostSolsClub is born, the first ghost sketch is created.

October, 2021

Whitelist Pre-Sale for Discord members (continuous rewards for holders of NFT numbers 0-347)

December, 2021

(First Wave) Public Mint of 1,500 Lost Sols NFTs.

December 2021

Play-to-earn mini game development starts (on-going progress will be shared frequently within Discord for community feedback).

March 2022

Launch of our Rewards Program where LSC NFT hodlers can start earning MoonRocks ($ROCKS) every 30 seconds by staking their LostSolsClub NFTs. (currently closed)

100% SOLD

Accelerate the development of the project by hiring additional team members for PR, community engagement, and game development.

Q3 2022

Painting auction, 75% for charity, 20% goes to buy up the floor, and 5% to the treasury.

Q4 2022

Launch our first play-to-earn game (added earning abilities for LostSolsClub NFT holders)

Q1 2023

Governance token and DAO announcement. 

**More to come! Stay tuned!**


What is The Lost Sols Club?

The Lost Sols Club is a collection of 3,512 algorithmically generated unique NFTs powered by the Solana blockchain.

According to the future legend of the Lost Sols, these fictional characters were spontaneously created when the epicenter of an extremely powerful solar flare hit the small, desert town of Dustville, TX on October 27th 2039 turning it, and all of its inhabitants, into a 20 square mile, perfectly smooth, single sheet of glass – later dubbed “The Lake of the Lost Sols” by the global news media due to the extremely strange sightings and events reported by official testimony in the area.

How many LostSolsClub NFTs will be minted?

When the solar flare hit Dustville on October 17th, originally all 9,512 inhabitants were transformed into NFTs. However, over time some of our Lost Sols found enlightenment and were no longer Lost. They found their way back to the oneness, leaving us with a total of 3,512 Lost Sols.

Is there a significance to the number ending with 512?

Geography of the core team, amigos 😉

Did you know there are other NFT ghosts and souls projects out there? Did you just copy them?? And do you hate puppies!?!?

First of all we love puppies. We also love and support all the other kick ass ghost/souls NFT projects out there and hope to put together many interesting collaborations with them in the future 👻

What is the purpose of creating the Lost Sols Club NFTs?

The artwork for the LostSols is incredible but that’s just the beginning. The NFT technology will enable us to create an exclusive club of likeminded individuals that can help us build on the vast and ever expanding concepts surrounding the Lost Sols Universe.

As we continue to grow our team of world class storytellers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, game designers, and other experts, it will be up to YOU as a member of the Lost Sols Club, to help guide us in our key decision making and reap the benefits of our growing success, which will include receiving a percentage of royalties and other valuable surprises regularly airdropped into your wallet as a member of the LostSolsClub. All you have to do is become an owner of one of the 3,512 LostSolsClub NFTs.

What are MoonRocks?

When the solar flare hit Dustville, TX it also shifted a series of large asteroids directly into the path of the moon.

The asteroids soon began bombarded the moon, chipping away MoonRocks that continually rained down from the sky for 12 consecutive weeks.

Because of their magical attraction to Lost Sols, MoonRocks Tokens will be automatically airdropped into the wallets of LostSolsClub NFTs holders.

MoonRocks are a fungible token that will have many future use-cases including incubating and hatching eggs (future drop), powering up robots (future drop), as well as other in-game and real world applications. All you have to do is become an owner of one of the 3,512 LostSolsClub NFTs to automatically receive your MoonRocks.

Where can I mint and trade my LostSolsClub NFTs?

Minting (when available) can be only be done here on our official website (https://LostSols.club).

Trading is currently only available on verified collection on  Magic Eden.


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