We are invested in the future of our product and community ahead of just marketing for a quick sell-out. This helps us by attracting an amazingly supportive community excited about our long-term vision. We want to build BIG, and that takes time and dedication.

These early community members benefit from this strategy by being able to get in early on our project, receive airdrops, NFTs, help guide the direction of the project, and get early access to our Play-to-Earn games.

For us, this project is not a quick cash grab. While some NFT projects will come and go, we will be building on this solid foundation and consistently rewarding our early adopters for many years into the future.

As they say, the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Here’s to us as a community putting product and community before marketing and promotion (until the time is right) to build something extraordinary together and achieve the most significant long-term success.

But let’s be honest, it is fun to watch the numbers, so we created this page to continuously provide as much transparency as possible 🙂

(Last Updated: Jan 5, 12:00 am CST)